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Metaphor - Volatile Quantum of Meaning or Formula of Structuredness of Consciousness  Elena Menshikova (New Institute for Cultural Research (Moscow), Moscow, Russian Federation)   P1

A metaphor is the quantum of Meaning that, as a primary element, is the basis of the Genome of Consciousness, it turns out to be the non-fussing turtle of the resonant system on which everything based and bounces, screw into the matter of entities, preparing, provoking bifurcation of further representations, building and improving "understanding" that actually organizes the very "organic" of Chaos - our "heavy matter" of the brain. Poetry, drawing, composing music - all this strengthens not just the brain, but by training all the functions of Consciousness, helps to maintain all its "muscles" in tone: perception, representation, comprehension, imagination - thus obliging the body to independently produce the necessary endorphin, and in sufficient quantities for a specific person, creating the conditions for a harmonious existence in being-in-the-world, and at the same time preparing the outline of his structuredness. A metaphor as a meta-formula of Meaning, being a "formula of allegory" - that path along which Consciousness searches for its ?representation? of an object / phenomenon or action, turns out to be a necessary and sufficient condition for the structuredness of the Consciousness`s system, which helps (directing) the body to find a way out of any difficult situation, including panic, because it makes a revolve - a turn / bend of perception, which, by discovering circuitous routes in dissent, helps to go around the "alatyr-stone" and find a "burning bush" of understanding. And in order to catch the Image of a concept, it is necessary to know its formula - a metaphor, a primary element, otherwise the root cause of Meaning. And therefore, the "meaning" itself can be defined as the Afterimage that arises on the wave of the Image of the Concept - a tide of allegory. It is the Metaphor that seeks, including the internal reserve of the body, the possibilities of recovery, contributing to the release of stress: swaddling panic, mobilizing and clarifying the understanding of the current situation, which, as a rule, is prone to stormy weather and the temporality of "disruption" - instability. A metaphor is a winged quantum of allegory that forms ideas about an object / phenomenon, otherwise that Image of representation that will form the basis of the Image of the Concept. The metaphor, carrying its mycelium, forms the plantation of Consciousness itself, which, like any plantation, is structural in form, but essentially - whole and strong in all its parts. And Laughter in such a "plantation" model is not only a species characteristic, but the growth vitamin that modifies and structures the plantation of resonant meanings, by which we call Consciousness. If the human body is clearly structured: proportionally and rateably woven, and the human consciousness is structurally and configured to search for volatile fractals - meta-formulas, then Laughter, as a cultural code that carries the principle of 'duality' - opposites in one (ridicule and comprehension) , will support the very proportionality of 'formality' and 'formlessness', which together sound harmonious - a magic flute.