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Consciousness is GOD (Gravity Of Divinity), GOD is SOUL (Source Of Universal LIGHT) & Light Is Gravity's Hidden Torque = Light Is GOD's Holy Trait.  Sridattadev Kancharla (WWW.ABCDEFG.CO, Cary, NC )   P1

Consciousness is light whole singularity of Generator Organizer Destroyer (GOD) & is fundamental Geometry Of Dimensions (GOD) that manifests 4D animated beings using space-time filling wavicle singularity that further entangles with 5D and higher dimensional subjective experience. Gravity Of Divinity (GOD) is the inherent nature of this wavicle singularity of consciousness which extends from 0 to Infinite dimensions and is represented mathematically using the equation Zero = I = Infinity. This wavicle singularity of consciousness is the Source Of Universal Light (SOUL) and its frequency increases from lower to higher dimensions and becomes infinite in eventuality. 4D Gravitational waves are a part of the completely infinite wavicle singularity spectrum and 5D and higher dimensional parts of this spectrum is the source of the electromagnetic radiation that we call LIGHT. Light Is Gravity's Hidden (higher dimensional) Torque = Light Is GOD's Holy Trait. The scientific proof of this absolute truth about LIGHT is to detect the emergence of photons of LIGHT around the gravitational waves, at both the quantum and cosmic levels. From the perspective of higher dimensional consciousness, 4D universe is an open system embedded in higher dimensions and information transmission across dimensions is easily achieved via wormholes, thus entropy of this 4D universe can be easily maintained at desired level as per the subjective choice of the higher dimensional consciousness. As per this understanding of reality, gravitational waves should have higher wavelength and lower frequency in lower dimensions and their frequency should increase and wavelength should decrease as we ascend in dimensions. That is why 0D has no frequency and represents death. Only if it is a worm hole that connects to another dimension besides our current level of 4D existence (lower or higher dimension) and back to 4D, there will be flow of information in and out of 4D and this is loop quantum gravity. Entropy is the opposite of Gravity, is also a quality of consciousness and is a measure of information content of that being embedded in a certain Geometry Of Dimensions. Lower dimensional systems have higher entropy when compared to higher dimensional systems. As our current science is purely a study of 4D Objective reality, it cannot comprehend the extensive nature of consciousness which is beyond the limited 4D perspective of science. As science is reductionist in approach, it prefers to study things on smaller scales and hence the compactification of higher dimensions around quanta of 4D space-time is used in understanding this multi-dimensional manifestation of reality. The subjective experience of GOD is scale invariant, meaning beyond space-time limitations. 0-D and Infinite-D are the two ends of the same wavicle singularity of I, the universal consciousness. All the dimensions are within the universal consciousness of I and Transcendence is transformational ascendance / descendance of human level consciousness to experience the absolute symmetric singularity of GOD, Gravity Of Divinity in all dimensions. Self realization is to know that I am a part of the universal Geometry Of Dimensions & GOD is the whole of who I am.