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There is No Free Will, Only Will to Freedom  An Chin Chen , Allen Houng (Institute Of Philosophy Of Mind And Cognition, National Yang Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan)   C13

The subject of Free Will has been arguing in the philosophical world for a long time. After many years of philosophical theory development and the participation of scientific experimental results, there is still no conclusion yet. However, this concept has been widely quoted in our practical daily life, including the fields of moral responsibility, law, social culture and spiritual exploration. Its widely cited characteristics and multiple concepts and definitions have become the source of the research complexity of free will subjects. This article begins with denying the existence of the free will defined by the traditional philosophical Indeterminist and Compatibilist, and also raises objections to the argument of the Libertarian, then supports of the Hard Determinist by comprehensive reviewing and analyzing the definitions, premises and situations of "Freedom" concepts have been leveraged. After reviewing the arguments of all the factions so far, it is the right time to rethink whether there is a concept of releasing the existing concept of free will and establishing a new or even deeper sense of it. The key argument is focusing on the meanings of "freedom" from the perspectives of philosophy and science. First of all, traditional notion of freedom proposed by Indeterminism and Compatibilism are both denied by identifying where the conflict is. Secondly, freedom gained by conscious will to make decision and take actions is also denied by the Hard Determinism which supported by mainstream of point of view of neuroscientists. Thirdly, standing with few scientific discoveries and the perspective of and radical theory of consciousness, a meta-meaning of freedom by defining it as the possibility of perception change about "sense of I-ness" is proposed and recognized for meaning of life. It concludes that will does not come from being stimulated, nor on the purposes of making decisions or taking actions. Will is only derived from the self-awareness of the perception model at any moment, and the deep intention or desire to change the past perception pattern. There is never "Free Will", but only "Will to Freedom".