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This World is a Virtual Reality  Matsuda Koji (Freelance, Yokohama, KANAGAWA Japan)   P1

For example, even if you were to see a ghost, the possibility cannot be denied that it was fictitious visual information caused by an abnormal activity in the brain or an illusion. However, with regard to precognitive dreams, it is physically impossible to have such detailed knowledge of a place YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN TO in advance, even if the image appears in a dream or as an illusory vision. Even if you saw the image when you were half asleep, how could you know detailed information about the future in advance!? Regardless of the extent to which one makes up images with illusions, it is not possible to create such detailed information about the future; therefore, even within an illusion, one can surely argue that such an experience would be precognition. Whether awake, asleep, or half asleep, having the foreknowledge of the future is physically impossible. The scenes of the future are remembered down to the finest details in precognitive dreams. It is by no means coincidental. When people say they saw a ghost, the credibility of their claims is often challenged by arguing that it occurred due to abnormal activity in the brain, an illusion, or a dream that caused them to see visual information of something that does not exist. Such critical responses, however, cannot be used in the case of precognitive dreams because even if you have a precognitive dream or see an illusion while you are sleeping, at the very least, gaining information that exists in the future makes no physical sense. Since we are not supposed to be able to obtain the information about an event before it occurs in any situation (whether we are awake, asleep, half asleep, in a state of abnormal brain activity or a fantasy), the fact that dreams can be proven to be precognitive remains contrary to the laws of modern physics. The precognition can avoid a dangerous future and turns it into a safe future. Then two futures are created (i.e., parallel worlds). A two-dimensional plane becomes a three-dimensional solid if you slide it in a parallel movement. A three-dimensional solid becomes a four-dimensional linear space-time if you slide it in a parallel movement. The flow of time is linear in the fourth dimension, it does not form parallel worlds. A four-dimensional space-time becomes a five-dimensional parallel space-time if you slide it in a parallel movement. There are parallel worlds in the fifth dimension. In the five-dimensional world, we can search many futures for own future. Thus, in the precognitive dreams, the consciousness moved to a five-dimensional world. It means logging out to the five-dimensional world. When we wake up, we log back into the three-dimensional world. The eye levels, angles and emotions from which we have viewed the precognitive dream scenes coincide with those in reality. The above is virtual reality itself.