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Crispr Consciousness: Gene Splicing Your Bodymind for Health and Happiness  Mac Davis (Minicircle, Austin, TX )   C9

In 2018 research was published on a woman named Jo Cameron who is 72 years old and has experienced almost no physical or mental pain. Childbirth "felt like a tickle" and she is exposed to chronic mild euphoria. She was determined to be a mutant in the FAAH-OUT genes - FAAH-OUT breaks down anandamide (Sanskrit for "joy bliss or happiness"). It is possible to move towards clinical research of using gene editing to improve global mental health and happiness. We will talk about what is necessary to gene edit the body's endorphin, oxytocin, myostatin, and anandamide system. More ambitious targets include modifying endogenous tryptamine metabolism, and enhancing cognition. Clinical trials for treating chronic pain and narcolepsy through gene editing technology are already underway with good results. The techniques and pricing of selective gene editing technologies are relatively broad. These include but are not limited to: AAV9, Herpes simplex virus, Rabies virus, and possibly minicircle and mRNA vectors. Data will be presented which suggests it may be possible to use a subcutaneous injection carrying an eloquently crafted DNA payload to significantly modify consciousness.