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It from Bit or Bit from It? Ontology of Mental Space via "quanglebit"  Jennifer Nielsen (Department of Philosophy, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS )   P1

In his famous 1989 It from Bit essay, John Wheeler contends that the stuff of the physical universe, or it, arises from information or bits, encoded in yes or no answers. Wheeler's question and assumptions are reexamined from a post Aspect experiment perspective. Information is examined and discussed in terms of classical information and quantum entanglement, or nonlocal state sharing. An argument is made that the physical universe, and thus all information within it including mental space, may arise from or together with superposition and quantum entanglement, but NOT via classical yes and no (bit-like) information sharing, and that any successful or so-called complete model of mind is necessarily irreducible to classical physics. A short heuristic for examination / potential measurement of computational information exploitable within a natural system is suggested, which may have application in physical computation and bold attempts to computationally model aspects of mind.