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The Conscious Notion of Time: Is there a Time without Consciousness; and, Is there a Consciousness without Time?  Nirodha Gunadasa (Intropsectors.org, Colombo, HEIYANTHUDUWA Sri Lanka)   P1

Many things we conceive as the reality are mere conscious notions such as colour. There is no colour in the electromagnetic radiation we receive to our eyes. It has only different frequencies. Colour is our conscious way of representing them. It is same with the space we conceive. A dimension can be consciously represented as length, colour, time or some other notion. Our way of conceiving particular three dimensions as lengths is personal to us. Imagine, there is an animal that perceives two dimensions as length and one dimension as colour. Far an object is, it is perceived as getting darker. The world he conceives is every bit valid as the world we conceive. There is no space out there; it is our conscious way of representing particular three dimensions. Time is a conscious notion. It is a way of conceiving a dimension as a continuous flow of a present moment with a past that is different to future (referred as TIME here after). Is there anything in time than a dimension? Time is difficult to study because we are in time. Our existence, thoughts, observation and knowing are in time. Therefore, time cannot be objectively studied. Our study shows that the right way of studying TIME for the purpose of understanding its conscious nature, is not by observing space-time geometry as a four dimensional structure (by doing so we assume ourselves to be in a fifth dimension of time and from which we objectively look at space-time). Right way is to interchange time axis with a length axis. Our study shows, it is mathematically plausible to conceive world with such an altered time dimension: altered state of time, existence and consciousness. They are equally meaningful realities with conserved momentum, energy and charge. Our way of conceiving one particular dimension as time is personal to us. Present moment, past different to future, movement of time from past towards future and the existence; these are conscious notions that come with taking of one particular dimension as time. Without that, there is no existence. But without existence, is there a consciousness, observation and an observer? Imagine a state of absolute nothingness (where everything is taken away - the world, your physical body, memories, emotions and even the sense of space). Imagine in this absolute nothingness, is there anything left? There is the notion that there is nothing. When we look into this notion of nothingness, we can see that if this notion is there, then there is the existence, observer and observation. If this notion is not there, regardless of other things we consider as consciousness, there is no observer and existence. This notion of existence is the primordial consciousness. Our study deeply looks into the relationship between this notion of existence and TIME. 'What is time?' and 'What is consciousness?'; are these two different questions or are they different forms of asking the same question?