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A Comprehensive New Paradigm for Consciousness: From Sensations of the External World to Neural Correlates, Whole-brain Coherence and the Whole Cosmos  James Beichler (ASCSI, Belpre, OH )   C13

The first and most important problem with developing a theoretical model of consciousness is defining consciousness, but everyone mistakenly tries to define consciousness with respect to the individual, or 'self', when in fact consciousness can only be defined within the context of our whole physical reality relative to a person's visions of 'self'. Some thinkers and scholars even try to dismiss the physical nature of consciousness, but consciousness can only and must be physical, at some level, because it clearly interacts with the physical world through mind, brain and living material beings. Since consciousness cannot, by its very nature, be material, that leaves only the possibility that consciousness must and can only be a field effect such as an extremely complex multi-leveled field structure. This leaves only two possibilities: The electromagnetic and the gravito-gravnetic fields. Gravity is too weak so it can be eliminated, which leaves only electromagnetism. Now, of the two parts of this stronger field, magnetism rules over and can direct the flow of electricity, which dominates the body and brain, and magnetism can build extremely complex multi-leveled field domain structures. So consciousness must be magnetic in nature, with the normal scalar B-field magnetic domain structure equating to our lower level mundane consciousness and the corresponding magnetic vector potential A-field representing our higher consciousness that connects us to (is continuous with) the wholeness and oneness of the universe at the quantum level of our reality. This physical model of consciousness is fully and comprehensively compatible with a completely unified single field theory that unifies all of classical physics (Newtonian theory, Maxwellian electromagnetism, evolution theory and thermodynamics), the various popular models of the quantum theory and all of relativity theory. We can now consider consciousness to be wholly and completely explained, at least within the context of our present knowledge of physical reality and the universe, within a physical unification theory that is both falsifiable and yields specific predictions, some of which have already been confirmed.