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Application of the Principles of Learning Theory to the Organization and Development of Living Systems (life) and Consciousness.  Scott Koshland (Independent Researcher, Coronado, CALIFORNIA )   C6

The underlying developmental processes of life and consciousness are examined in terms of the principles of system learning. System learning is a fundamental process that organizes Information into hierarchal networks of information processors (knowledge). The formation of these processors is defined in the information theory hierarchy relating data, information and knowledge and application. Knowledge is a homeostatic emergent system that functionally processes or transforms information input into output. Life and consciousness can be considered to be intelligent behavioral systems. All living systems display a level of intelligent behavior in their formation and interaction with their environment. This Intelligent behavior is the ability to perceive or infer information and to retain it as knowledge to be applied towards adaptive behaviors within an environment or contextual situation. Intelligence - operating with memory, a logic process- understanding-reasoning- planning-creativity-adaptation. The intelligent learning activity of life and consciousness are examined in terms of inductive bottom -up, deductive top down formation of networks of emergent systems. The inductive learning processes involve decisions toward attractors and away from detractors for solutions. Inductive decisions are a conscious like process even at the most basic form of life. Consciousness arises from the inductive learning process. In summary, fundamental principles of learning from information theory can be applied to the organization of matter, living systems and conscious/unconscious behavior. Information structures organize into knowledge information processing structures in an increasing information network hierarchy by an induced learning process. The induced formed information processing structures interact to form a deduced integrated hierarchal network of emergent systems. This is a general principle of system learning that applies to matter, life and consciousness.