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Phonetic Consciousness DNA Instrument of Life  Chandra Prakash Trivedi , Dr. S.P.S Chauhan, Raviprakash Arya; Aseem Trivedi (Education, Vedic Research Institute, Ratlam Former Principal MJS P.G.College, Bhind, Indore, M.P. India)   P1

DNA Instrument of Life Phonon beholds Life Consciousness Synthesis of first Amino acid in slime soup from DNA The Origin of Life and Consciousness is a great puzzle for the Scientist. Its seeds are in pre-cosmic dawn phonon. The Scientists have used sound to 'talk' to an artificial atom 2015, the recent discovery of Gravitational waves akin to sound waves and photons can be scattered by phonons in a crystal. Nat. Commun Lie et al 2014 The NASA researchers noticed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in meteorites. With extra hydrogen or oxygen called quinones have the potentiality for origin of life. The Phonon is earliest. It has activated the dark matter with resonance. The phonon and photon manifested with blast and light as dualistic complimentary force of vital energy. The phonon stimulates the event to happen and photon undergo synthesis and degradation with time Einstein's equation E=Mc2 It has been observed that the DNA has purine and pyrimidine complimentary base differing only in Nitrogen base. It has pulled out like a zipper along with incandescent gaseous clouds and gigantic radiations, prior to the formation of solar system. With time the earth cooled down with floods of water and movement of molten mass generated the magnetosphere around the earth with ozone layer in the atmosphere. The first amino acid is synthesized in slime soup from purine and pyrimidine base pair with resonant vibrations of charged ions in the colloidal solution. It has evolved in to a prokaryotic cell and autotrophic eukaryotic cell with protoplasmic vibrations and cell division. The protoplasmic vibrations connect the life with DNA as two pillars on the path of evolution. The food metabolism is the source of life. The phonon has evolved into thought and words with consciousness. The thought and words are immortal they follow the mankind from generation to generation with new life. The DNA is instrument of life and phonon beholds the life consciousness with its dualistic complimentary spectrum to execute function of life. The plasma membrane acts as transition zone with electron configuration, just like two faces of the same coin. The DNA is instrument of life with triple bond and double bond of hydrogen with Nitrogen. It's like molecular choreography where the molecules choreograph their own behaviour. In the same way the DNA choreograph its own behaviour with its first dawn in slime of primordial soup with Life's First Spark. Once it got the nectar water under controlled temperature. It has maintained its nectarine quality with photon-phonon interaction and plasma membrane like two faces of the same coin with electron configuration. The life consciousness appears in womb with birth and disappears with death. The life consciousness is ensign of existence with Higgs field, and we feel touch, taste, smell with development of sense organs from fertilized DNA; The DNA is universal instrument of life with different genetic identity and voice code phonon. It regulates the life with hereditary characters from generation to generation. .