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Layered Ternary Harmony Story (LTHS) 1.1, a Universal Operating System  Pru Mendez (Harmonic Paradise Studios, Reno, NV )   P1

This paper introduces the Universal Operating System, Layered Ternary Harmony Story (LTHS) UOS 1.1, which corrects for current story and consciousness blindness of our fragmented, 400+ year old physical science and mathematics based understanding of ourselves, universe, planet, nature, and God. LTHS UOS 1.1 contributes a formal, common, computable framework layer to energy, waves, particles, elements, molecules, thoughts, imagination, stories and other collective and narrative systems. LTHS UOS 1.1 describes an observable, universal, consciousness-creating, layered force that integrates Story (Software) and Story Consciousness Computing (CPU) with our current physical state understanding of ourselves and universe, opening a new world of understanding which connects our minds to the story of our Layered Ternary Harmony Story Universe and its Consciousness. Story consciousness is computed through Hydrogen, Helium, And their star, element and molecule manifestations and their colonies, including water, RNA, DNA, our planet and each of us. The purpose of this paper, to 1) Introduce LTHS UOS 1.1 as an exciting, high potential Universal Operating System, 2) Demonstrate its observable connection to all physical and imaginary perceptions, without known discontinuity and 3) Demonstrate its machine executable structure and potential by applying it to Hydrogen element, water molecule, humankind and Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity. The universal nature of LTHS UOS 1.1 means that it significantly expands our awareness and understanding of all layers of our universe, universally, including physics, chemistry, genetics, medicine, psychology, technology, energy, education, governance, architecture, history, future and beyond, including immediate, new solutions to the Novel Coronavirus, and therefore presents tremendous immediate potential benefits to humankind, nature and planet.