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Quantum Entanglement, Coincidence, Synchronicity and Law of Karma  Rulin Xiu , Dr. Zhi Gang Sha (Theoretical Research Departmen, Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment, Keaau, HI )   P1

Coincidence and synchronicity relate to the events that are unlikely to occur together, but come about in a meaningful way. Law of karma is a spiritual law about the cause-effect presented by many spiritual teachers in many spiritual texts. The basic idea of law of karma is: what we give to others is what we receive. Quantum entanglement is a natural phenomenon discovered in quantum physics. It is discovered in quantum physics that When two or more vibrations are created from one source, they can be quantum entangled. Quantum entanglement means that two or more vibrations are connected. When some of them are observed at certain states, the other vibrations with which it is quantum entangled with instantly manifest into the state that is determined by the quantum entanglement, no matter how far they are from each other. In this presentation, we will show that quantum entanglement can provide scientific explanation for coincidence, synchronicity, and law of karma. It can also illuminate why the cause-effect can be delayed, inherited, and accumulated.