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My Self, My Health: How Consciousness and Personality Impact Vitality  Candice Thomas (My Self | My Health, Tucson, AZ )   P1

Consciousness is an awareness of oneself which fosters choice. When we are conscious, we are able to make intentional choices for ourselves: the thoughts we focus on, the actions we take, and the quality of life we live. However, most of us exist in a state of unconsciousness, not noticing our thoughts and behaviors, not realizing we have the power to improve our own health and happiness. In this presentation, we will evaluate the 9 personality types and the automatic thoughts, behaviors, and resulting health patterns which occur when we are unconscious to ourselves, and discuss methods for embracing vitality through awakened consciousness. Chinese medicine identified early the relationship between consciousness and health. Over 5,000 years ago, the fundamental principle of energy was stated as "Qi follows Yi." Qi is our life force, the energy which animates us and causes us to be alive. Yi means thought, or intention. Our life force is directed by our thoughts. Disease, therefore, is the result of habitual negative thought patterns. As our thoughts repeatedly focus on certain preoccupations, our energy shifts in specific ways, leading to imbalances in health, and ultimately causing disease. In other words, disease is what happens when we are not aware of ourselves. The Enneagram is the study of these habitual thought patterns. It can be thought of as one's mental hard-wiring. It identifies 9 distinct ego constructs--the 9 personality types--which predispose us to 9 different foci of attention and behavior. These are our automatic and unevaluated beliefs, thoughts and behaviors which are occurring when we are not conscious of ourselves. In combining these two areas of thought at once--Eastern medicine plus the principles of the Enneagram--we are able to discern unique patterns of health by personality type. After 8 years of research, 700+ patients, and over 10,000 hours of evaluation, the 9 typical patterns of disease are presented here, along with guidance for how to become self-aware in order to fully embrace vitality.