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Plato's Golden Numbering System: Biometric Anomalies, Abduction and the Ontological Roots of Consciousness  Scott Olsen (Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Central Florida, Ocala, FL )   C13

Combining the initiatory insights of the Pythagorean Plato, David Bohm's ontological framework (superimplicate, implicate and explicate orders), and the insights of physics Nobel nominee Mohamed El Naschie, a profound golden ratio numbering system emerges underlying nature and consciousness. By answering a series of critical anomalies through abductive reasoning this will be made clear. Plato would present the problem, anomaly or puzzle and the Academy members (and readers of the dialogues, e.g. missing golden triangle in Timaeus) were challenged to abduct or retroduct a novel hypothesis to explain the puzzling fact. Plato proposed problems regarding "the section" to which Eudoxus and Leodamas made many discoveries applying abduction. Sir Thomas Heath said this must have referred to the golden section. For instance, Sir Roger Penrose, in Shadows of the Mind, raises the anomaly, "Why do Fibonacci numbers appear in microtubules?" Based upon anesthesia research, Hameroff suggested that microtubules were involved in the emergence of consciousness at the level of quantum computation. "The Fact Is That" microtubules have Fibonacci structure with 13 protofilaments composed of 8 winding in one direction and 5 in the other. Abductively looking at "What It Is" (the essence), it is the underlying golden ratio expressed through the ratios of adjacent Fibonaccis. "Why It Is" is that the golden ratios lying behind the Fibonaccis express an even deeper interplay of Plato's Pythagorean Principles of the One and Indefinite Dyad that emerge at the outset in the Primordial First Act - the Ontological Asymmetric Cut that leads to the inherent proportional symmetry, Greater : One :: One : Lesser. Bohm would call these principles the superimplicate order which gives rise to the implicate order or golden ratio numbering system, which in turn is enfolded or infused into the explicate order of Lucas and Fibonacci numbers (and root ratios) throughout nature and the cosmos. Thus, the One and Indefinite Dyad is the superstructure that enters at the outset into the fabric of reality as life (hence, hylozoism) and consciousness (Bohm's panprotopsychisim). This lies behind nature's ability to combine and complexify in its evolutionary unfoldment of consciousness, ultimately resulting in samadhi. This deep mathematical mystery revealed to Pythagoras and Plato through their entheogenically induced initiations into the Mysteries (e.g. Egypt and Eleusis) was attained under an oath of strict silence (the violation of which led to the death of Hippasus for disclosing the dodecahedron's golden construction). Plato nevertheless hinted at this in his Unwritten Lectures (Agrapha Dogmata), and for those capable of abducting the solutions to his three similes in the Republic (Sun, Divided Line & Cave). The epiphany at the summit of the Cave is that of Truth (the Greater golden ratio), the Good (the One), and Beauty (the Lesser golden ratio). The One is the product, difference, and geometric mean of the Greater and the Lesser. The Indefinite Dyad of the Greater (1.6180339...) and the Lesser (0.6180339...) also emerge from El Naschie's E-Infinity Theory in the eigenvalue solutions to the coupled oscillator equation modeling the brain, quark masses and double-slit experiment.