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Epigenetics Control Health and Disease and Consciousness Influence Epigenetics  Ingrid Fredriksson (Arjang, Sweden)   C9

Epigenetics is a mechanism for regulating gene activity independent of DNA sequence that determines which genes are turned on or off: in a particular cell type, in a different disease states or in response to a physiological or even psychological stimulus. There is a microbiota-gut-brain axis communication in health and disease. Under healthy conditions, the predominance of symbiotic bacteria, an intact intestinal barrier, a healthy innate immunity controlling pathobiont overgrowth inside the intestinal barrier. The vagus nerve, the bodies largest nerve, transmits information to the brain from the organs, 90 percent of all communication from the abdominal brain (ENS) goes from the abdomen to the brain, and from the brain to the cells in our body. What we now want to know is how epigenetics works in practice, in our daily lives, if or how health and illness are dependent to our feelings. To my help I have had a lady in Sweden who get a brain tumor after years suffering after years of suffering in a relation with a psychopath. She had a surgery and she moved from her husband. After that she has lived healthy and the rest of the tumor didn't grow any more. She has also write a book about her situation and has a group on Facebook, where she has contact with other persons who have had the same disease. (They all are clear, it is the life-situation and how we thought and felt if we will be healthy or sick, they says.) People who have a brain tumor have been deeply interviewed how they experienced their life situation before and after the disease. How the healthcare have helped them, and if they are healthy now, what they have done to get healthy and what they believe about the reason for their illness.