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Music, Resonance, Consciousness  Lawrence Zbikowski (Department of Music, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL )   PL4

The world is alive with sound and resonance, and to the extent that consciousness is a part of the world it stands to reason that there would be connections between the two. My work is concerned with a relatively specific subcategory of sound and resonance - music - and with the way an engagement with musical sound can yield a unique form of conscious experience. Within such experiences our attention is directed toward and shaped by the actions of our bodies and by multidimensional dynamic processes that unfold across a range of temporal scales. My focus in this presentation will be on the cognitive capacities that make it possible for humans to connect sound sequences with multidimensional dynamic processes, and on the use of such connections to construct and control cultural interactions. The result, as I shall argue, exploits resources offered by sound and resonance to shape individual consciousness and, in certain circumstances, to make possible the sharing of consciousness among the members of a performing ensemble.