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The Emergence of Miracles in Living Systems Part 1  Debby Flickinger , Dr. Martha Brumbaugh (Humanities & Culture, Union Institute and University, Concord, CA )   A1

The emergence of miracles happens when one is "open to mystery and allow miracles to enter" (Watson, 2008, p. 140). Caring Sustainability(TM), is the recognition that in order to live sustainable lives, in sustainable communities, and in a sustainable environment, the appreciation of self, the earth, and all life are vital to what Capra refers to as the web of life (Capra, 1996, p. 28). Within that thought is the intersection of Caring Sustainability(TM) (Flickinger, 2018) with Cross-Cultural Shamanism (Brumbaugh Jacobsen, 2006). This presentation is designed to be participatory in nature, and open one up to the 'unlimitedness of possibility' (Brumbaugh Jacobsen, 2006) and the expansion of consciousness. The intention is to transform the participant. On a personal level, I have been graced with a roadmap for deeper exploration into the expansion of consciousness. Taking it further, I wonder what would happen if the Caritas Processes(TM), like Cross-Cultural Shamanic Traditions, were passed down from generation to generation?