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Soul Atom in the Mid-brain  Balaji Raju (Light Bridge Foundation, Pondicherry, Pondicherry India)   P1

The article is a breakthrough scientific-divine revelation of the Soul atom in the mid-brain and the unknown six glands of the Human Brain surrounding the pituitary gland and the perfect manifestation of the Solar system (macrocosm) in the Brain (microcosm).The article will explain the creation of Brain in MOPEL(Maximum outer primordial empty space limit),its formation during Foetus development, its core connection with the cosmos and unravels the location of the Soul atom (Space molecule) in the mid-brain (the region between interpeduncular fossa and substantia nigra) and the ten layers of electrons within the microtubules holding memories of different aeons in space time geometry.The article will decode the secrets of the Kabbalistic tree of life (Kabbalah refers to Skull in Tamil language).The text will answer the Existential question of - Who Am I ? - the purpose of birth and the path to liberation from the impending deluge. The article further discusses about the three tangible scales in the Fundus of the left eye and right eye, which are a) Maya (illusion), b) karma (Cause) and c) Pride (ego); which occludes inner vision of the God particle within us and draws parallels with Plato's Tripartite psychology of the Soul in the Republic-Appetite, Reason and Spirit. Practical interventions to remove these scales in the eyes through certain techniques and thought processes will be explained. References: Ancient wisdom texts of Tamil language namely a) Tirukkural, b) Tirumantiram and c) Thiruvasagam and the recent revelations (decoding) of the ancient texts at the Wisdom temple in Pondicherry, India through their six book publications.