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Visualizing the Morphic Fields with the Yi Jing and Synchronicity  Gabriel Felley (Yintelligence, Zurich, ZH Switzerland)   P1

Morphic fields include all types of organizational fields. The organizational fields of plant, animal, human behavior, cultural systems, and mental activity, all can be regarded as morphic fields containing an inherent memory. (Rupert Sheldrake) The Yi Jing is a cosmological and philosophical system, created in China more than three thousand years ago. The Yi Jing is used to improve the decision-making processes by integrating arational dimensions, which may be assimilated to a kind of precognition, into evaluating the various options. Using the Yi Jing consists in enhancing the richness and relevance of information available to sustain a decision making process, beyond the scope defined by strict rationality. Synchronicity as a principle stipulates that two events may be linked together not only by a causal chain but also because they create meaning. An attempt to merge these three fundamental concepts and unify them together into a Morphic Yi Jing Field is presented. Producing a hexagram may be considered as a triggered synchronicity, because the Yi Jing consultant relates an inner psychic state with something in the physical world (the hexagram) using a non-causal process (Coins or Yarrow stalks Method). What happens when several people work individually on the same issue, which represents a common interest, with the Yi Jing, do the obtained hexagrams reflect that collective concern? Do the individual consciousnesses somehow convergence into a kind of extended, shared moment of collective or merged consciousness? This would be considered an impression or footprint of morphic fields. In case the individual created hexagrams indicate a significant deviation from what the laws of statistics provide for, this could also be interpreted as a collective synchronicity, because different persons create several individual synchronicity events each time a person draws a hexagram. These events converge together into a set of privileged hexagrams. In fact, this deviation from the statistically expected distributions of the hexagrams is illustrated with a variety of experiments, which will be presented and discussed. A workshop will be offered to do a series of collective Yi Jing sessions where six different persons create together one collective hexagram related to a questioning defined within the audience. An exciting experience of extended consciousness! Biography Dr. Gabriel Felley is a professor of Business Information Technology at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (www.fhnw.ch). He studied Theoretical Physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. For decades, he has been dealing with the Yi Jing (I Ching) to rehabilitate it as a sophisticated, holistic methodology to understand the logic underlying the processes of change in a generic way and to promote it as a tool for the support of managerial decision-making processes. He has written numerous articles and lectured on topics related to Yi Jing in Switzerland as well as in Germany, China, Vietnam and the USA. For contact gabriel.felley@yintelligence.ch