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Is Consciousness a "Field"?  Eric Sabin (Marana, AZ )   C11

Due to its similarity to magnetic fields, consciousness is conjectured to be a field. Necessary additions to this conjecture include an ontologically monist perspective of what fields are, and their mechanisms. The support of this theory is rooted in an ontological position of neutral monism. The categories of "physical" and "nonphysical" are determined to be a cause for confusion, so are replaced by the categories "substance" and "essence". This ontological basis is the solution to the problem of infinite regression, or infinite reduction. Next, stereographic projection is identified as the geometry of fields, and this geometry is conjectured to be essence, coherence, and the end result of reduction. Through this coherence-geometry, a solution is offered for the combination problem of panpsychism. The discussion regarding the nature and meaning of this geometry is reconstructed within the context of consciousness and ontology. Lastly, these conjectures are falsifiable; some possible methods of testing them are suggested.