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An Emergentist Spiritual System  Patrick Palucki (Berlin, Berlin Germany)   P1

This is a proposal for a contemporary spirituality based on a system that integrates elements of systems science, evolutionary psychology, emotion research, developmental psychology and neuro-aesthetics. This spiritual system has emergence and phenomena of higher order - such as complexity, diversity, adaptive systems, self organization, self-similarity - and their products - such as life, beings, the ecosystem (the web of life), consciousness (of human and non-human animals) - to refer to as a frame of reverence. Existent formulations of emergentism are expanded. Further, a simple and comprehensive definition of spirituality is proposed with regards to the principles of agency and directivity in living beings based on evolutionary dynamics and evolutionary psychology. Next to empathy, compassion and universal love, especially the emotions of awe and wonder are presented as mental access points to experience this spirituality and to hold it's expressions in the highest regard - individually, by the significant meaning and health benefits they elicit, culturally, by affording it with a frame of reverence. Then, based on recent awe research as well as approaches in neuro-aesthetics, it is argued that the perception of beauty of nature can be sufficiently objectified, so that it can be positioned within this spiritual system alongside the mentioned emotions.