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The Role of Hypnotic Regression In Understanding Human Evolution and Consciousness  Linda Backman (The Ravenheart Center, Erie, COLORADO )   P1

Can hypnosis enable us to remember and understand the meaning of our earthly existence? How can hypnotic regression therapy assist in understanding the subtleties of what is called "the soul", its cycles of evolution and its ?life purpose?? For over 25 years, psychologist, regression therapist and author Dr. Linda Backman has researched what hypnotic regression reveals about human evolution and consciousness. In this fascinating presentation, Dr. Backman will share her phenomenal discoveries about past lives, including incarnations beyond the Earth. She will share the published and unpublished results of her groundbreaking work on interplanetary souls and explore the key role they have to play in the evolution of humanity. She will present client material tied to souls who regularly incarnate on Earth and elsewhere. Astrophysicists are continually verifying the existence of new planets, and serious study of past lives beyond the Earth is a logical and necessary exercise. As a state of consciousness and therapeutic technique, hypnosis came into being more than two centuries ago. Its representations have oscillated between the fascination and the science, the spectacular and the curative. Now regularly taught in schools of medicine and incorporated into integrative care, these fields of application have expanded, and its effectiveness is no longer in doubt A tool of choice for the study of past lives, the application of hypnosis has made considerable progress - particularly through the work of regression. The author of three books published internationally by Llewellyn, Dr. Linda Backman has based her work on data from case studies collected over decades, derived from 10,000+ soul regression hypnosis sessions. In her latest book Souls on Earth: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives, Dr. Backman explores her frequent encounters with regression clients who report living on other planets and dimensions. These individuals, identified as ?interplanetary souls? by Dr. Backman, have stated under hypnosis that they have agreed to come to Earth to help advance the spiritual evolution of humanity, as well as human consciousness. Dr. Backman will explore how currently embodied interplanetary souls represent an extraordinary wealth of information and knowledge on dimensions of reality and consciousness. We will also expansively consider their purpose for incarnating on Earth. Psychologist, researcher, author, and hypnotic regression therapist Dr. Linda Backman has been in private practice for over 40 years. Through hypnotic regression, she has guided thousands of clients to access their past lives and the time between lives, helping them to surface and understand the challenges of their souls repeated life to life. Dr. Backman founded the RavenHeart Center in Boulder, Colorado in 1997 and regularly conducts training courses worldwide. She has also been an adjunct faculty member at Northern Arizona University. A frequent guest on radio, she was featured as a reincarnation expert on the Dr. Oz program. She is the author of Bringing Your Soul to Light (Llewellyn, 2009), The Evolving Soul (Llewellyn, 2014), and Souls on Earth (Llewellyn 2018). Her books have been translated into several languages.