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Effects of Auditory Binaural Beats on Consciousness and the Human Nervous System  Elizabeth Krasnoff (Sound Medicine, Milll Valley, CA )   P1

~ Vibration is the language of consciousness (Laszlo, 2017). ~ Consciousness is more like music than computation. The brain is like an orchestra. Like improvised jazz (Hameroff, 2018). I am a certified Sound, Intuitive and Heartmath? practitioner, with a background in Jungian psychology and music. I founded a sound healing and intuitive counselling practice called Sound Medicine? (www.soundmedicine.com) to help clients deal with stress using sound and biofeedback. Working with sound raised many questions: ? How are sound and consciousness related? ? Can we heal with sound? ? Can sound be used to help our brains reach advanced levels of consciousness? In this talk, I will share my transdisciplinary PhD research on how auditory binaural beats influence consciousness and the human nervous system and brain. We will visit 26 of the most recent studies on binaural beats from the fields of neuroscience, cognitive psychology and health. We will explore what binaural beats are, how we hear them, and the current claims that are being made by binaural beats healing audio programs. We will review the five types of brainwaves and related states of consciousness, and then go on to relate those to the neural gateway of consciousness regulation, which is the reticular activating system. Then we will go over the evidence from published studies to see what has actually been proven about binaural beats. The evidence is exciting. It shows that electrical brain wave patterns resonate to precise frequencies. Binaural beats, the difference in two frequencies, can cause this resonance of frequencies in the brain. As neural consciousness is a rhythmic state, sound frequencies such as binaural beats can influence brain functions such as memory, sleep, anxiety, and stress. Through informed selection and proper application of BB frequencies, we can induce correlative states of consciousness. Proper application of BB frequencies refers to the right beat frequency, carrier tone frequency, exposure duration and instructions given. I will conclude with suggestions for future research in this field.