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Consciousness Ejection Into a Parallel Universe: Crucial Factor in Achieving Time Travel and Anti-aging  Taras Handziy (Ternopil, Ukraine)   P1

The process of consciousness ejection into a parallel universe consists of two main stages. Firstly, it is necessary to eject it from a body through the central channel and seventh (crown) chakra. Secondly, it is necessary to transfer it to a parallel universe. The consciousness ejection through the central channel and seventh chakra is called phowa in Buddhism. The part of consciousness should leave a body using mind and act of will. My Ph.D. thesis "Consciousness and Its Evolution: from a Human Being to a Post-Human" describes the particular case of phowa meditation that could lead to anti-aging [1, pp. 98-101]. The main idea of the advanced meditation is to transfer consciousness inside a Planckian (minimum possible) black hole. The meditation deals with the mental imagery of a geometric point. The geometric point is taken peculiarly. It is taken on the ray going from the person perpendicularly to the surface of the Earth. The point is visualized as the point full of power, love, light, and wisdom. It is the mental imagery of the virtual space that can be compared with a geometric point. The concentration is carried out on the singular desire to reach a horizon of the Planckian black hole. Even more, the individual stream of consciousness should flow inside the black hole. But the black hole itself should be visualized as a geometric point. Individuals should empty their minds of thoughts with the exclusion of the focused intention and the thought of the consciousness flowing inside the Planckian black hole. The mind should be empty of any dogmatism. Individuals should embody the feelings of joy, love, and gratitude to everybody and everything, and fully developed will. This may result in the ejection of the consciousness from the body. The stream of the consciousness will begin flowing continuously to the visualized geometric point. There is one characteristic feature that is peculiar in this case. The unusual fog will appear on the way to a Planckian black hole. The consciousness will follow this unusual fog. The weird fog, which is sometimes called electronic fog, is a sign of the expected time travel. There are three main destinations of consciousness flow. The first destination of the consciousness flow is at the horizon of the Planckian black hole. The second destination of the consciousness flow is inside the black hole, in the wormhole (time and space tunnel). The third and last destination of the consciousness flow is in the parallel universe. It is the time-travel of the consciousness a lot of years ahead. The most interesting and useful experience will be there. Something could be -seen - here, and an abundance of things will be understood deeply. The process of anti-aging starts when individuals, or to be exactly their consciousness, have done some important things in the parallel universe. 1. T. Handziy, ?Consciousness and Its Evolution: From a Human Being to a Post-Human? Ph.D., 2014, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland, https://www.academia.edu/7094390/Consciousness_and_Its_Evolution_From_a_Human_Being_to_a_Post-Human_Ph.D._Thesis