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Brain Stimulation Through Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing  Martha Birkett (Amaryllis Crystal Garden, Cochrane, AB Canada)   P1

The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls are made of the purest quartz crystal in the world, 99.992% pure. They are then infused with different gemstones, minerals, rare earths and precious metals to enhance the vibrational experience that, exposure to them, offers. Based on the Laws of Vibration and the Principles of Resonance, that these bowls are designed to work within, the experiences are expansive. As they are played, they express their harmonic and binaural sounds offering some of the purest, most stable vibrations known. These sounds and frequencies aids in assisting anyone exposed, to release, transform, amplify and manifest, while in deeper states of consciousness. What we have experienced in our years of working with, selling and playing the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls to large and small groups of people, have led us to explore the idea that perhaps there is a connection with the vibrations of the bowls, when being played, and the release of perhaps, neurotransmitters through the stimulation of the microtubules within the neurons in the brain.