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Healing The Physical Body Through Meditation  Lawrence (Loren) Costantini (LorenFlower, LLC, Milford, CT )   P1

The human body can heal itself naturally through meditation by detaching the mind from the body. The experiment involved a 50 year old male, almost completely debilitated from pain and weakness on a daily basis, who was taking monthly biologic injections, anti-inflammatories and Prednisone to treat the symptoms of one or more of the following diagnoses: Lyme Disease, Mycoplasma, Uncategorized Spondylitis, Autoimmune disease and massive L5-S1 disc herniation with severe nerve impingement. After many years of taking medication to suppress symptoms, the subject ceased all medications and entered into a daily practice of meditation with the intention to heal. Meditation sessions were accomplished in a comfortable sitting or lying position in intervals averaging 4-8 hours/day for 5 months and 1-2 hours/day for 4 months. The intention of healing was established at the start of the meditation sessions by envisioning, imagining and emotionally feeling a healthy, strong body. The procedure was to maintain a separate mind from body to remove the potential interference of thought from the natural healing process. It was immediately understood that the medications that had been taken for years were actually detrimental and retarded the natural healing process. When medications were removed the symptoms increased and then slowly dissipated until cessation. Overall, healing is a consistent upward function, but is unpredictable and may "retreat" at times. It was discovered that physical injury or disease is the culmination of past emotional traumas trapped in the body. Healing is the release of those traumas. Not only does the mind often stand in the way of the body healing, it induces the body into illness through the thought that it is diseased (the nocebo effect). The thought is then typically reinforced through a medical provider's diagnosis, in this case multiple diagnoses. Using meditation to detach the mind from the body allows the body-mind to manipulate itself through physical movement, energy transfer, the recollection of memories to produce an intended emotional response and a resolution, or letting go of past traumas through the various processes of digestion, sweating, cellular regeneration, breath, blood circulation, and other body systems. It was also realized that pain is a relative term that has been socialized into the general public as something which is negative and should be avoided through suppressing medications. Avoiding pain actually prolongs it and makes it worse. By redefining and seeing pain as a signal from the body to rest and be still, one can enter the healing process with ease and acceptance. It is possible to heal the body through meditation. After 9 months of a dedicated practice of meditation to heal the body, the subject remains drug free and symptom free. The practice of meditation reconnects the human to who they truly are allowing an understanding that the body is a self-healing vessel which is separate from the mind. Intention combined with stillness and elevated emotional states allows the body to heal naturally.