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"State of Surrender" Linked to Mystical Experience and Positive Response to Potentially Transformative Situations  Suzanne Russ , Geoff Maruyama; Thomas Sease (Psychology, University of Arizona - South Campus, Tucson, AZ )   C16

Across five online samples, the 8-item State of Surrender scale provided an internally consistent, reliable tool the predicted positive outcomes to potentially transformative situations, including psilocybin sessions, treatment for alcoholism, intensive meditation, and life-altering crises. Scale items were developed from concepts discussed in William James' Varieties of Religious Experience and various spiritual texts, and principal axis factoring was used to reduce the items to those yielding the highest loadings (.558-.884) on a single factor. In regression models, this scale explained significant post-traumatic growth following crisis and significant mystical experience and positive change after treatment for alcoholism, psilocybin sessions, or intensive meditation sessions.