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AMMA: a simple, ancient right to peace  Carolina Maggio (Based Upon, London, United Kingdom)   A1

AMMA is a physical work conceived and created in response to vast and ancient landscapes. At Based Upon, we have long worked with a somewhat shamanic practice to capture the spirit and essence of landscape and translate it into physical sculpture and design objects. Within today's paradigm of continuous digital connectivity, the human condition has become fragmented. States of stillness, peace, rest and pause are precious commodities on the planet today. Our work begins by going into landscape and taking our place within it, becoming a single stitch in the grand fabric, allowing ourselves to become small. Just another detail in the universal pattern. We find preciousness in the smallest of details and in this smallness, we find ourselves and we take our place, again. This is how AMMA was born. AMMA is a sanctuary, a guide. She returns us to our centre, accompanying us to a state of internal silence, a purity of thought, calm and grace. AMMA creates the conditions for one to experience the intimacy we need to come to mindfulness, even for an instant. For us, the timeless beauty of Inis Oirr, the smallest of the Aran Islands, off the west coast of Ireland, became the inspiration for a portal to the sacred: our response was to borrow from landscape, to learn from her with no doctrine or dogma, just the return to the body and peace. Inis Oirr is a landscape of limestone, sculpted by time, the Irish Island is a natural wonder - a timeless choreography sand, wind and waves. This place of mythic beauty inspired us to create works that capture nature, transcending temporality to silence the chatter of internal dialogue. The work was created through the gathering and translation of 3D landscape imagery. It's a reflection of the topological whispers of millennia. In this sense, AMMA balances the ancient and the techno-modern in a unique physical way, creating a new focal point for much needed contemporary sanctuary spaces. We gather at her, and we listen as she does to us; and in that we find harmony and peace. Using a unique blend of sound and light frequencies, AMMA is proven to bring a guest into a state of relaxation and calm. While one is aware that technology is involved, the experience feels elemental and ancient. As part of the immersive experience, people gather at her and sit in silence, tuning into her rhythm. A guest may sit for a couple of minutes or a much longer stretch. Both have driven to be very effective. Some have described a shorter sit as like a reset for the nervous system. They talk of being washed through, cleansed of some of the mental and emotional toxins that pollute our natural state of wellness, returning to the body and to a more grounded state of balance and calm. AMMA exists in the world as a system that maintains a balance between the living, the inorganic and the spiritual. She encourages us to let go of ego and temporality, evoking the finite and the infinite; she is a witness to the universal consciousness. https://www.basedupon.com/sanctuary