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Cube Consciousness  David Hettinger (Stepping Stone Content LLC, Barrington, IL )   P1

The idea is to give people a simple way to model their conscious experience from one moment to the next. Doing so will help them to realize a greater appreciation for life in the present moment. Right now, your conscious experience consists of your thoughts, your feelings, and any and all sensations (or sense experiences). By referring to each thought, each feeling, and each sense experience as a "cube" generically, any instantaneous moment can be modeled. Modeling instantaneous moments helps us break down our conscious experience from one moment to the next, allowing us to focus on life in the present moment, just as it is. The Cube Consciousness model is one large, three-dimensional cube, comprised of 27 smaller cubes. 'You' are at the center of the cube model. And the cubes that surround you represent whatever you could choose to focus on in the present moment. Learn more at www.cubeconsciousness.com. The hard copy and Kindle versions of the book are available on Amazon. The audiobook version is available on Audible.