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Contrary Physics of Consciousness Force  James Gruhl (Tucson, ARIZONA )   P1

An excellent technique for solving Narrow Targeted (or more correctly, Narrowly Caused or Mysteriously Caused) problems is to use Contrary Thinking. So, finding the source or original form of consciousness can, thus, perhaps be solved by working backwards, or contrarily, from conspicuous products of consciousness to their source. Conspicuous products of consciousness certainly would be a Book or a City, and these involve a significant amount of "Order." The place to search for something that could produce such significant order would be to look at forces. This is true because the contra positive, or corollary, of the Second Law of Thermodynamics might be written as the following Order Conjecture: "Significant order can not happen by chance, it must be imposed by force." This would suggest that consciousness is a force. This Contrary Physics, of working backwards from significant order to the imposing force, is exactly what Sir Isaac Newton did to discover and study the cause of the significant order of three rocks of different weights falling in identical times. This process of tracing order back to forces can possibly be used to identify other new forces, such as Life Force, Symmetry Force (for the unexplained order of snowflakes or crystals), Adhesion Force (of capillary action), Quantum Force (of photosynthesis and other quantum effects), and possibly a Creative Force (to create Consciousness Force and the other forces, and to create our universe`s Anthropic balance of order and chaos.) If consciousness is a force, it is possible it transcends the origin of this universe - just as recent discoveries seem to indicate that gravitational force preceded this universe. If consciousness is a force, it could explain the order in quantum effects, like in the Double Slit Problem. Consciousness Force could impose order on the Double Slit Experiment, in exchange for demanding accountability (rather than the default randomness), or rather, absolute obedience to the rules of the force. All forces have this two way arrangement, imposing order (or sometimes chaos), and demanding absolute obedience to the rules of that force. For example, a nebular dust cloud in space has order imposed by gravitational force, to eventually become a solid body, while gravity demands from the object of that force: absolutely obedience. Again, if consciousness is a force, there are other possible implications. Like with electromagnetic force or gravitational force, there may be a consciousness force field, perhaps a collective consciousness, with relative potential strengths over certain distances, and possible consciousness communication (a next step in human brain evolution?). Also, it is possible that Consciousness Force, like Life Force, may not develop spontaneously just from the proper assemblage of all the appropriate materials and structures (NOT fabricable). Is consciousness force secondary, and needs life and or quantum forces, or is it fundamental? Also, the Anthropic Conditions might be restated in terms of what would be necessary to sustain complex, or quantum, consciousness force. Finally, another possible purpose of life might be "to enhance and preserve quantum consciousness," which we call Cognism.