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Cooperator experiencers and Openness for Reality  Breno Hax Junior (Philosophy, Federal University of Parana, Curitiba, Parana Brazil)   P1

I present a proposal about consciousness and its relation to reality that takes consciousness as a basic property. This proposal is compatible with panpsychism. I discuss the subject-object model of consciousness and argue in favor of accepting a conception of subject that takes attention as something essential to it. In addition, I defend an account of the object of consciousness that avoids what I call the "screen view", namely the thesis that minds can only be conscious of things that avoid accessing reality. I outline an account of the connection between subject and object to explain why the subject necessarily is connected to reality. I distinguish between the present proposal and Brentano?s claim that "consciousness is conscious of". I identify the function of consciousness in a way that biological sciences can use it. I distinguish between two philosophical questions on the connection between consciousness and reality, one general question and one particular question. I use my notion of consciousness to answer the general question and sketch a proposal about perception that can be used to answer the particular question. I offer a functional definition of perception and argue that this definition can be used by panpsychism to explain how entanglement of particles can work to deliver the object for the consciousness of experiencers. Finally, I deploy my account of consciousness to discuss the idea that there can be conscious activities involving many experiencers.