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The Edge of Aslan's Razor - The Governing Operational Dynamics of Anthromurmuration and Spatial Relativity  Leo Madrid , Dani Caputi; Stephen Pollaine (P.e.a.c.e !nc., Alameda, CA )   A1

The Universe is the most powerful force in the observable Universe and therefore there is no higher power that we human beings can accurately conceive. Our Universe contains a visual and feelable, pervasive force that is ever-present and propagates galaxies through space, rotates the planets, makes stars shine, seeds sprout, and gives life where before there was none. There are many names for this force but they all describe the same thing; The Governing Operation Dynamics of our spatial reality. Synchronicity may be a mystery no more because we now understand how our consciousness interfaces with each other in a non-local manner. It was once hypothesized that a swarm of aerial locomotion animals navigate and murmur together so effortlessly with visual cues alone. It is now common knowledge that they fly with sound-enabled echo-location senses and abilities, similar to radar & sonar. I believe I've discovered how this happens with people in experiments where creative group activities create measurable and observable coherence. Consciousness can be quantified as pure basic math with the question; if E = MC2, then what is E if M is me? A Quanta is a wave packet of light. Light is energy, and it is this that binds us to the Universe and each other. This I refer to as Quanta Entanglement. All living Earthly entities are entangled together through this force with light being the ever-present binding element, catalyst and wave propagation medium [light speed @ 14.7 psi C2-2 ]. Like electricity, light is dualistic in nature (particle/wave) and it works whether you believe in it or not, just like gravity. Aslan's Razor and the Theory of Spatial Relativity was first presented as a poster session with installation at the 2016 S.A.N.D. gathering held in San Jose, CA, as a unified theory of time, consciousness and quantum mechanics. My original theory proposes and presents a testable model and provides answers to questions about consciousness that led Hans Berger to an early grave and as well as solves a mystery that has s baffled teams of P.E.A.R. Labs/ICRL researchers for decades, and to this day. With multiple new discoveries since then, I will present (with a proof-of-concept installation) a systemic understanding of the individual, local and non-local collective consciousness, and how the original concepts of Anthromurmuration and Spatial Relativity govern every moment of our lives and are working to our benefit and detriment, without interference. Zeno of Elea would agree that when the timeline is drawn correctly, time is measured and age is experienced, thus negating the Twin Paradox. With meditation & brainwave entrainment, we allow augmented energy into our own personal timeline; it permeates our bodies and flows through us, and to everyone we've ever encountered in a meaningful way. The decisions we make, the action we take and thoughts we think determine the causational efficacy of the material phenomena of faith and belief. My presentation will demonstrate and explain how consciousness affects time and how we are all entangled synaptically. The AZoth Pyramid Capstone @ Maker Faire (see video) https://tinyurl.com/rgkkeev Facebook photos: https://tinyurl.com/rxxdwy5 Recent Installation in Mexico https://tinyurl.com/yx88ptlz - early poster session 2016 - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B62SkjYBE5_bRlRSSS0zTGhPbE0/view