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The Origin of Quantum Vibrations and the Role of Metaphysical Observer in the Operation of Microtubules in the Human Brain  Santosh Kaware (Independent Researcher, Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA India)   P1

There is a discovery of quantum vibrations at the deepest level of microtubules inside neurons in the human brain but the source of these vibrations is still unknown. This paper gives an idea about the source of quantum vibrations and the role of metaphysical observer in the operation of microtubules in the human brain. The signal pathway is started from thalamus via primary visual cortex to the front of the brain, it comes to prefrontal cortex, then it returns back to the thalamus region and finally an observer gets experience, if the pathway is plotted then it will be in spiral shape. It means that the signals are starting from thalamus region and again come back to it. This gives the clue regarding the position of observer in brain. Three glands hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal are connected to the thalamus and form a constitution to control many functions. Three glands are having link with pingala, ida and sushumna nadis hence these glands are alkaline (positive), acidic (negative) and (cerebrospinal fluid/CSF) neutral respectively. When the conscious and subconscious mind become balance then the electrical - magnetic, alkaline - acidic, pingala - ida nadis become balance and observer comes to its original hexagonal balance state. These three glands play an important role to connect observer and brain. If these three glands are connected then it forms a triangular region with free space between the two hemispheres. Observer is seated in this free space at the center of gravity of the brain which interacts with brain via three glands. Observer interacts with three glands through its arrangement of three minds as unconscious, subconscious and conscious. These three glands are influenced and activated by the core energies of these three minds. An observer emits metaphysical electromagnetic photons through three minds and it will be received by neurons of three glands. There is a two way communication mode for observer and brain. The vibrations are coming from these three minds with rotation in 360 degrees. Gamma frequencies have been correlated with consciousness and coming from the observer. Source of Gamma frequencies and the origin of experience in brain is an observer. Observer is not quantum and its metaphysical electromagnetic energy has been spread in the complete brain. The metaphysical electromagnetic photons of the observer emitted from three minds, then it interacts with the microtubules present in the neurons of three glands and further this microtubules convert these photons to the biophotons and send to the thalamus. This gives an understanding of the mysterious link between the interaction of observer as metaphysical energy and human brain as physical energy. If the research with advanced measuring devices will be carried out at the seat of observer then real nature of observer and its interaction with brain can be understood. Also deep state meditation practitioner can contribute for the same.