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It's About Time  Francoise Tibika (The Institute Of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel)   C7

Time is a puzzling word used to describe many different "things" either related to the position of the needles of a clock or to different philosophical ideas or something changing with the states of our mind etc. We want to show here that even scientists also use the same word "time" to describe different concepts. The "time of the physicists" , that of Newton and Einstein and the time of the chemists, the "time of becoming" (in memory of Ilya prigogine) . These are not the same. The time of physicists is used to describe the motion in our space-time of a mass or a phenomenon like light, while the time of chemists is used to describe the transformation of matter. these transformations, which occur through chemical reactions, do not obey gravity: At their scale molecules are not affected by gravity but only by a much stronger force, the electromagnetic force, which (unlike gravity) can be attractive but also repulsive. We also wish to show how, through a comparison between Boltzmann and Shannon's entropy, the time of becoming is related to information and to consciousness.