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Consciousness, Ontology and Transmigration: Memories of Other Worlds  Kala Perkins (Bioethics, EuBios Institute, Woodside, CA )   P1

My colleague's son has told her, at age four, that he came from another world. Their bodies were different there, he said, they were made of fire. He knows when local volcanoes are active or erupting, and starts to sing his own volcano songs, which I was privileged to hear; his family lives in Southern Italy. In Asia it is not at all considered unusual for children to remember their past lives. There are innumerable recountings, several of whom I encountered. What is consciousness and what is it that is conscious? What are birth and death and what, if anything, is born and dies. Sakyamuni Buddha taught: "We enter the Path to realize the Deathless. There is the unborn, unoriginated, uncreated...." He taught that, in fact, there is no separate, isolated self; that, all is interdependent, a Totality (The Diamond Sutra). The Bhagavad Gita of India, states: "Never was a time when I was not, nor you, Nor shall come a time when we all shall cease to be." Aretha Franklin, sings exquisite gospel about "The Land where we all go where no one dies." Yet when a dear one dies, a child or a parent, such as my 92 yr. old mother did this year, the profound experience of emptiness, after a home that is the accumulation of almost a century of collected things is emptied, is far from a unique isolated or privileged esoteric encounter. Everyone who is born, as far as we know, will die. Why, a medical doctor colleague inquired of me, do such innocent young children become ill and die? He was not asking from a allopathic medical perspective. In the course of my travels in Asia for over ten years, I met several children who recalled past lives; for their parents it was often commonplace. What is it then that transmigrates, what memory, where and how, dares survive the funeral pyres or the darkness? How and what is the mechanism of transmission. Astrophysicists are still debating if information survives black holes. Postulating the infinities of parallel worlds, what moves between them; writes their boundary conditions; osmoses through their semi permeable membranes; defines the relations between diverse worlds and diverse ways of thinking? This presentation explores various theories, ontologies and lived experiences, of consciousness and transmigration, from quantum physics and mirror symmetry to Asian medical science.