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Introducing The Impulsing Model  Denise Ingebo (Impulsing LLC, The Dalles, Oregon )   A1

Impulsing is the name of a set of concepts that propose the presence of theoretical impulse trails (also known as ... impulsing) in the Nervous System and the work they do, as they energize areas of the System's circuitry. Impulsing is used to trace impulse activity and describe the variety of integrated work being done, in lay level language, as these trails diverge and converge in the System's pathways. In following the behavior of impulse trails, we can infer the general work of the Nervous System is to monitor and resolve the simultaneous states the body is exposed to. We can also use impulsing to propose the specific monitoring and resolving work that is done as dedicated areas of the System are energized. In this model, focus is on proposing the specific monitoring and resolving work done in an inner circuitry of the System that neuroscientists associate with four kinds of conscious work. With this model, we can use impulsing to show how we experience sensation; how we make a record of each conscious instant we experience, into a lifelong network of records; how we derive thoughts from this network; and how we generate ... feelings, reflective tension patterns in the muscle that have the same pattern of tones as the preceding sensation or thought. By tracing impulsing in the fourth area of this inner circuitry, we can show that when a sensation or thought is no longer present, we experience this reversal of tension as a kind of balance, we call a balanced feeling or emotional balance. On the other hand, we can show that when a sensation or thought is sustained, the reflective tension pattern it generates is sustained, and we experience this increased tension in degrees, ranging from a sense of need ... to an array of stress states. In short, the impulsing model proposes concepts, in lay language, that may be used to show how our everyday conscious stream (consciousness) is formed, and how we can use this insight to support personal and social emotional balance.