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Sound, Water, and Crystals: Revealing the Mystery of Consciousness  John St Claire (California Institute of Human Science, La Costa, CA )   P1

The water in every living cell is structured into hexagonal rings. Human bodies are 60% to 70% water by volume but are 99% water by number of molecules. Luc Montagnier won the Noble Prize for discovering the AIDs virus and has demonstrated that information can be stored in structured water, and this information can inform our DNA. Based on my studies with Marcel Vogel, I developed a unique protocol for storing information in quartz crystals. I will present the results of my experiments and research at the California Institute for Human Science where I made statistically significant measurements of various methods to store and erase information in quartz crystals. I will present a new theory on how this information may be stored in the atomic structure based on ring currents, which are ubiquitous at every scale in the universe. The hexagonal rings of both quartz crystals and cellular water are analogous to self similar fractal antennas. This structure may point to a mechanism for the transmission and reception of information. Could the structure of the water in our cells be a fractal antenna to cosmic consciousness? For over 10 years I've used sound and crystals in my practice to transform a wide variety of human conditions. I believe I have developed a method to delete information stored in the water comprising 99% of our molecules, restoring them to their natural state. In this natural state, we feel deep inner peace and connected with our life purpose. As a side effect, people often look 10 years younger and persistent uncomfortable physical and psychological conditions may change significantly or disappear entirely after one session.