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Towards an Experimental Science of Natural Consciousness  Danny A. J. Gomez-Ramirez (Software Development, University Pascual Bravo, Bello, ANTIOQUIA Colombia)   P1

In this work, we want to argue for the possibility of validating the presence of consciousness in another person from a perspective that blends both, a third person approach of coming close to, observing and understanding the other; and a first person assessment into how the experiences of the other feel like. For this we will need to explain how the line between the third person and first person approaches is blurred in some methodological approaches. We rest our position largely on the back of some of David Chalmers' idea of panpsychism and other theories concerning consciousness like Integrated Information Theory (IIT). First, we will talk about what has already been written on the subject by others and connect this to what we want to achieve in this paper, then we will develop some ideas concerning the methodology that we feel can be used to validate the presence of ones consciousness in others (conscious experiences).