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Proprioceptive Feel as a Summation of Oscillatory Resonance  Mark Valladares (Overland Park, KS )   C19

Connecting the Flow State of high performance athletes and musicians with whole brain criticality that primes the body's perceptive faculty for a heightened sensitivity to a particular external stimulus as a predictive anticipatory cue for Proprioceptive Feel, the summation of oscillatory resonance at the point of the body's response to stimulus would constitute the vibrational signature of the Feel State. Proprioceptive Feel is induced from global oscillatory resonance patterns which are in turn transduced from mechanosensory distortions in the multi-fractal nested-tensegrity grid of the body. The consolidation of vibrational signatures is the harmonization of sets of potential subjective states. Microtubulin polymers, which form the basis of the tensegrity grid, are both scalar and tensor providing the information processing topology, which serves as a conduit for the summation of oscillatory resonance. The onset of Beta synchrony (10 ms) correlates with the intrinsic Feel State (Proprioception, Haptic feedback). The delayed onset of Gamma synchrony (400 ms) implicates it with attentional awareness of the Feel State (Qualia) in which the binding of sensory information for higher order processing is realized. The feedback loop toggling conscious awareness with intrinsic feel is observable as spontaneous oscillations self-tune for criticality so that biological systems can learn to phase lock with external stimulus for a sensitized response (functional adaptivity). While the induction of Qualia remains non-computable as a perceptive anomaly, oscillatory resonance patterns mapped to the Microtubulin grid ties the Hard Problem to a quantifiable basis in which potential Feel States are tagged with a vibrational signature.