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Meditating with Light: Achieving Deep Meditative States Rapidly with Pulsed Near Infrared Light Stimulation  Sanjay Manchanda , Jay Sanguinetti, Genane Loheswaran, Lew Lim, Mahta Karimpoor (Arjuna Labs/Vielight Inc/SEMA Lab/Transtech Lab, Tucson, AZ )   A1

Recent studies with transcranial pulsed near infrared light (also known as transcranial photobiodulation (PBM)) have demonstrated its ability to significantly modulate brain functions as demonstrated by changes in EEG, fMRI imaging, and behavior. There is anecdotal evidence that pulsed infrared light at various frequencies can help meditators enter deep meditative states. We will present interim data from an ongoing sham-controlled pilot study on the effects of a combination of very low (1-7 Hz) and very high frequency (40-1200 Hz) pulsed trans-cranial photobiomodulation on meditation states achieved by long term meditators using an open awareness type of meditation. This is a random sham-controlled trial with measures for meditation depth, mystical experiences, mood, sleep as well pre and post EEG recordings.