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2020 The Great Revelation Is Love | Toward the quantification of love and consciousness  Liliana Lorna Villanueva (Liliana Lorna, Guadalajara, Mexico)   P1

Humanity has faced itself, looking at its reflection in the mirror of the All; human beings have faced not against each other, but against themselves. Today, the world needs a science unified with the spirit, and for that, science needs intuition, consciousness and love. We need the next generations of professionals, scientists and engineers to be more connected with their heart, and from there, only from there, the following science is born, from the mind illuminated by the light of love. Today love offers us the potential to unify science and spirit, through a cultural and spiritual transformation at all levels of human life. The time has come to pause, take a deep breath, focus again and change course, to redirect and transform science as we know it. A new science is emerging, in which love and consciousness are the main protagonists. Are you aware?