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Music, Sound and Psychedelic Therapy  Alix Noel Guery (UQAM and CIIS, Montreal, QUEBEC Canada)   A1

Music and sound greatly influence the human mind and body. They are part of many traditional ceremonies around the world, using indigenous and psychedelic plants like psilocybin and ayahuasca. How are music and sound incorporated into the new and re-merging field of psychedelic therapy? What are their psychological and physiological effects on the brain structures and the body? How is the creative process similar to the effects of psychedelic plants, and how can these plants affect it? How can the human brain and body be seen as musical instruments whose frequencies are expanded through music, sound, and the use of psychedelic plants? How can those states be considered as informational states where deep personal insights and communication with nature happen? How can the concepts of sintergy, connectome harmonics, and biosemiotics explain that informational nature? How is the concept of connectivity of the human brain crucial to understand creativity?