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The role of predictions in consciousness  Lucia Melloni (Max Planck Institute, Munich, X Germany)   PL7

There is increasing evidence for a role of top-down predictions in perception, and more broadly for organizing brain function. Predictions, however, exert disparate perceptual effects, sometimes stabilizing perception, i.e., making it more likely to continue perceiving the same content, and sometimes destabilizing perception, i.e., making it more likely to switch to a new percept. This raises the interesting question which role top-down predictions have in consciousness, and the neural mechanism through which predictions interface with consciousness. In this talk, I will discuss studies in which we have aimed to characterize the role of predictions in consciousness using neuroimaging, computational modelling, and invasive electrophysiology. Specifically, I will discuss the neural sources of stabilizing and destabilizing predictions, the role of internal motor priors in eye movements and blinks, and finally, how the predictive processing framework could help us understand disparate perceptual phenotypes, such as the resistance to illusions observed in schizophrenia and the extra sensory percepts experienced in color-grapheme synesthesia.