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Benefits of Mindful Metaphor in Connection with Preparation for Psychedelic Sessions  Rosemary Flickinger (Independent Researcher JHU, Baltimore, MD )   C17

Being prepared for a therapeutic high dose psychedelic session is paramount, creating a personal and safe environment that leads to a meaningful experience. Mindful Metaphors should be considered as one effective tool for this preparation. Mindful Metaphors is a facilitation system that uses a personal metaphor to invite the participant to explore and reveal her or his inner landscape. This leads to deep wisdom and healing potential. The benefits of integrating this process before entering a full-day session are: - to help the participant begin relating to a more intuitive voice/self. (The emerging metaphor may be similar to one's experience with psychedelics.) - to assist one to become clear about intentions for the session. - to allow the participant to become accustomed to having a guide bear witness to their nonconscious state and be present with their process in an open and nonjudgmental manner. - to help indicate hidden areas of trauma and other behavioral concerns or fears. Mindful Metaphor begins the healing journey of body, mind, and spiritual interconnections which are further enhanced by the therapeutic entheogen session. Rosemary has been a guide with the States of Consciousness study published by Johns Hopkins University Behavioral Research Unit and is an accomplished meditator and meditation instructor. She has been using Mindful Metaphors to facilitate insight into greater self-awareness. This approach is being considered by colleagues at JHU.