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Inter-Spacial Abstraction - an idea which begins with quantized space and a question: "If space comes in bits . . . what's between the bits"?  Gary Blaise (Author, San Francisco, CA )   P1

Most of us would say nothing's between the bits, for this should be a background of NON-spacial, NON-temporal properties. Immaterial properties such as these are also the properties of abstraction . . . which we don't find here in space-time. Consider, then, that abstraction resides in the non-spacial background BETWEEN space. If your mind turns out to be an abstraction, it would reside "here" and could interact with your brain like this: For every THING in space there's an inevitable idea of that thing's activity in the abstract background, BETWEEN bits, or grains of space and time. These are "vibrational ideas" which cannot but notice the activity of their objects in the present tense memory of themselves as an entity. Vibrational ideas (vi's) blend easily with grains of potential space-time because both are abstract. So, in each moment of an object's evolution, such blending (Observer Effect) sets the abstract, UNmeasured properties of the most probable grains to discrete, MEASURED values of the vi such that the grains cannot maintain their potential nature and collapse to that particular object. Vi's can blend with other, more philosophical ideas as well and those properties can become expressed in the emergent object. When the vi of a particle, for example, blends with a grain of space which contains an idea of motion, that grain will collapse to a particle with that particular motion. Philosophical ideas, established throughout time by creatures like you and me, also come in the form of vibrational representations. Every idea is an awareness, and the vibrational idea of a richly-sensing object such as your brain (or microtubule network) will eventually notice-its-self-NOTICING. When this thought blends with the simplest philosophical idea of self-awareness ("I am"), the idea of your brain becomes your mind.