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Brain State Measures Informing Sacred Geometry  Patrick J. Palucki (Holistic Coaching & Research, Berlin, BERLIN Germany)   A1

Physiological data from the brain or other physiological signals can be used for visualization in ways that are not primarily informative, but also or even just aesthetic. Especially for biofeedback applications in rehabilitation, prevention, as well as in training skills and expanding human potential it is of interest to make the interaction with one's own body signals playful, interesting and engaging as this means increasing the likelihood of use and the degree of success to alter these signals and thus their underlying status and processes. Besides, experimenting with visualizations may yield unexpected discoveries of temporal and spatial dynamics. This opens an area of interdisciplinary where science and technology meet art and infuse it with functional value through applicability. Creativity is asked for here to implement science aesthetically and directly link it to a health benefit or performance increase outcome. In this art-health demo, we experimentally use measures of brain states, for instance hemispheric coherence, to dynamically inform parameters of 'sacred geometry', i.e. symmetrical, recursive and iterative geometry.