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The Emergence of Miracles in Living Systems Part 2  Martha Brumbaugh , Debby Flickinger, PhD (Writing Coach, La Mesa, CA )   A1

The experience of the shamanic journey is known to alter consciousness and expand awareness. Through the heartbeat of the drum, we connect with our deeper Self, to the earth, and to all our relations. This sort of deep, experiential learning is transformative learning at its best. It is learning that transforms one at a soul level. In her work with the shamanic journey, Martha Brumbaugh, PhD has experienced a shift in her perceptions of the non-linear, non-rational world. The cross-cultural modality engaged in this presentation has the potential to expand consciousness and to weave a web that connects Cross-Cultural Shamanism (Brumbaugh Jacobsen, 2006) with Caring Science (TM) (Flickinger, 2018). "Non-rational reality is greater than our human perceptions." (Cowan, 1993, p. 3). This presentation is designed to be participatory in nature, and open one up to the 'unlimitedness of possibility' (Brumbaugh, 2006) and the expansion of consciousness. The intention is to transform the participant. Martha Brumbaugh, PhD has been practicing Cross-Cultural Shamanism and Earth-based Spirituality for more than five decades. She is a writing, coach who focuses on the juncture of writing and spirit, and a personal life coach with a shamanic lens. She received her doctorate in Transformative Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in 2006. Her doctoral dissertation, Out of the Mists: An Organic Inquiry into Sacred Ways of Knowing and the Shaping of Reality, focused on the impact of cross-cultural Shamanic practices on white, middle-aged, middle-class women. Martha co-founded the Edge of Lemuria; Crossroads for Healers and Seekers in 1993. Now online, she leads full and dark moon circles, works with clients, and teaches classes. She has taught at John F. Kennedy University, Heald College, and presented workshops at CIIS and San Francisco State University.