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The Implications of our Research on Alzheimer's/consciousness  Shantilal Goradia (Gravity Research Institute, Mishawaka, Indiana )   C9

The ever increasing size of the dynamic universe in Planck Lengths must alter the probabilities of the brain particles' interactions/entanglements, and the ON/OFF information they create per applicable references in [1]. If the idea of a female monkey to train her babies to communicate could later result in the evolution human RNA/DNA; such process could cause the mutation of a new virus under favorable conditions. The book [2] refers to the old quantum gravity by Penrose, but does not refer [1] or the string theory, despite [1] addressing Feynman's view, raising questions if such books can ever deliver reality. The small (quantum) gears on the cover pages of [1, 2] drive the cosmic gears of gravity. [1] Goradia SG (2019) The Quantum Theory of Entanglement and Alzheimer's. J Alzheimer's Neurodegener Dis 5: 23. [2] Cobb M. (2020) The Idea of the Brain - the past and future of neuroscience, Basic Books, New York.