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Giving Voice To Those Who Cannot Speak  Sonia Rinaldi (Research, IPATI - Advanced Research In Instrumental Transcommunication Institute, São Paulo, SP Brazil)   C23

In the last 30 years I have been testing, recording and have shared thousands of recorded communication either in Voices or Images. This area of study is called as Instrumental Transcommunication, and applies either to living persons or dead. Consciousness does not depend on the physical brain; therefore, persons in a coma are still able to perfectly communicate. Persons with any illness caused by severe brain damage (Alzheimer's, Autism, terminal patient, etc.) can reply and record informing his/her wishes, requesting medical support, ask for the presence of any loved one, etc. Cases presented will provide solid evidence that Consciousness can communicate regardless of the state of the physical brain: alive or dead, healthy or not. In the case of our research, we show that while subjects are sleeping, their consciousness is out of the body, and they are able to communicate and record replies. This provides any patient who is unable to vocally speak the opportunity to guide the medical team or caretakers related to his/her needs, inform about any pain, and to state his/her last wishes.