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The Conscious Matrix: Our Portal to Universal Truth and Connection  Nancy J. Woolf , Nancy J. Woolf (Psychology, UCLA, Las Vegas, NV )   C25

Encased in a light-proof box called the bony skull lies the most incredible entity known in existence. It is not the brain, but a system buried deep within select brain cells that operates strictly in the quantum physical realm. The quantum matrix is our portal to understanding: the ultimate link between data analysis and experience. The human brain is materially organized to receive continuous streams of data, consisting of sight, sound, touch, body position, smell, and taste. At least one dozen hierarchically-arranged levels analyze and reanalyze these data streams all within the confines of classical physics. Neuroscience depicts human brain function as a computer-like operation, but even the simplest perception itself escapes explanation in the classical realm. While we can obtain a precise picture of brain activity within its physical connections called the connectome, the classical connectome does not explain perception. The conscious matrix deciphers activity in the connectome and connects its salient features to a deeper reality. The largest neurons throughout the cerebral cortex are endowed with extensive networks of microtubules, the nanowires of the brain. Although microtubules have many biological functions, the microtubules in these large neurons are capable of connecting our own fragments of thought together in a coherent way. Our conscious matrix naturally exists in the quantum realm because its operational components are entangled electrons and photons. Buried in tubulin protein pockets spaced at regular intervals, the conscious matrix operates as a pure energy system, rather than a mass-based system. Its ability to connect is based on quantum entanglement. It is that exact same composition that enables our conscious matrix to likewise entangle with universal truths. There are two proofs of this concept. (1) Research on infants shows that we are born with an intact conscious matrix already equipped with certain universal truths. Newborns have an inner drive to connect to others and to communicate non-verbally. Beginning in infancy, we are also endowed with an innate moral compass and a natural curiosity seeking to explain what is around us and what happens to us. You cannot easily explain from where the innate wisdom of our human consciousness arises without presupposing an entanglement with a higher power, supreme force, or what some people call God. Our desire to seek knowledge, our capacity to love, and our ability to feel empathy all require a conscious matrix that is inherently tuned to certain patterns of energy and possesses a deep connection to a fundamental and universal set of truths, culminating in an overarching principle or entity that many people call God. (2) For over five millennia, human beings have expressed their ideas about God and certain universal truths. Humanity has an undisputed inherent wisdom. The ideas people have expressed throughout the ages can be reported as data and analyzed as the human experience of God and other universal truths. I review these ideas and other neuroscientific results in my recent book titled: Conscious Matrix: Our Portal to God, Liberty Hill Publishers, 2020.